I want to ask a question, but I'm not sure if server fault is the correct place for the question. Here is a rough draft of the question:

Is it possible to use two modems with the intention of speeding up my AT&T 'DSL Lite' connection by augmenting it with my Cel-Phone's tethered 'hot spot' connection (which I sometimes use temporarily for faster service). ATT's hot spot is considerably faster than my DSL Lite connection, but is too expensive to use daily. My current thinking is that some software probably exists that makes it possible to use the cheapest bandwidth first (ATT DSL Lite) and leave it on (always flowing) but when the connection pauses/waits/bottlenecks/etc. it would then use the more expensive, but quicker bandwidth from my tethered cel phone. I don't remember the details of TCP and UDP, but the solution should work with both webpages and streaming data, especially YouTube videos.

Is ServerFault an appropriate place to ask this sort of question? If not, which Stack Exchange site would be most appropriate for this sort of question?

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    This question appears likely to fail the "managing information technology systems in a business environment" test, that is, our very topic. Commented May 3, 2015 at 19:40
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    Yes, @Michael Hampton , I think your right. I looked again at the various sites on stackexchange and I think 'Software Recommendations' ("Q&A for people seeking specific software recommendations") is an appropriate forum.
    – John R
    Commented May 3, 2015 at 21:12

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As Michael indicated probably not in topic on ServerFault as IMHO you phrase it as an end-user problem and appear to be thinking towards an single user solution as well. SuperUser might be suitable. The other thing is it might be seen as an off-topic product recommendation question.

A business solution would be more towards a router that supports multiple uplinks, one of which could be a 3g/4G WWAN network uplink, not uncommon. Some vendor background here

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