Today is my 100th consecutive day in visiting the site and when I looked on my profile it said something like "Thanks for your efforts, you've earned the Fanatic badge, let's track the next badge..." but when I look in my badges the Fanatic one is missing, why is that?

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    If you solve your question yourself, it would be nice if you write an answer instead of just deleting it. – Sven May 13 '15 at 7:36
  • @sven, you see the 3 downvotes? That's what I wanted to avoid when I deleted my question. – Itai Ganot May 13 '15 at 16:49
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    Meta up/downvotes don't affect reputation, they're only used as a method for agreement or disagreement. – Hyppy May 13 '15 at 18:03
  • @Hyppy: Exactly. And your answer has two upvotes. – Sven May 13 '15 at 18:03
  • @Hyppy Despite that downs have a significant psychological pressure, even on meta. – peterh May 14 '15 at 12:17

Okay, It seems like there was a delay until I pressed the Reputation updates button on the top panel and only then I received the badge.

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    You can (should) accept your own answer, too. – peterh May 14 '15 at 12:07
  • 15 more hours until i can. – Itai Ganot May 14 '15 at 12:14
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    Yeah, I've been tricked by the delay, too. :) – Katherine Villyard May 14 '15 at 22:21
  • I think that achievement and the Vox Populi get picked up in a daily cron job that runs after midnight UTC. – chicks Aug 17 '15 at 22:19

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