I'm asking a new question related to [tidal-scheduler] in ServerFault but the tag doesn't exist here yet. The tag exists in StackOverflow but the question doesn't fit there. I would like to migrate the tag from SO to SF. It's that possible?

In case that's possible how do I do it?

NOTE: I tried to create the tag in SF from the info in SO but I don't have enough rep yet to do that and IMHO that's not the best way to do it: If we can migrate questions se should be able to migrate tag.

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You can't migrate tags at all and you can't create them here without enough rep points (300 are required). Just create a question with appropriate other tags and leave a comment or flag asking to create this new tag.

Before doing so, make extra sure the question you post is on-topic here.

  • Thanks! I'll leave a comment asking to create the [tidal-scheduler] tag.
    – camilohe
    Nov 26, 2015 at 15:49

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