I've just spotted that questionhub.com are scraping SF questions and answers, not from the torrented roll-ups but live from the site. Is this a good thing?

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Doesn't look like they are following rule #3 Asked Jeff, he sid the link was the most important part.

Show the author names for every question and answer

They are only showing the gravitars


This kind of thing has been going on for a while:

In that case I think question-hub is doing it right, but check for attribution to be certain.


As for me, I think it's good, as it is good when a valuable information is spread and easy to find by a stranger.

Considering a moral aspect, I think they should link to the origin. I don't know whether they do - I haven't ever been to that site. If yes - this is probably beneficial for StackExchange community as more people come to know about StackExchange and come here sooner oy later. If they even link to authors' profiles - this can be probably even excellent.

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