I have recently posted a few questions on GKE/Kubernetes deployment issues to ServerFault and StackOverflow. A first one has been downvoted and voted-to-close, presumably because it was not strictly about programming, although StackOverflow apparently hosts many other questions on GKE/Kubernetes operational issues as well. (I have later cross-posted/migrated the same question to ServerFault.)

So here is my meta question: What is the best/better place for asking questions about GKE/Kubernetes deployment (etc.) in terms of site rules and size of expert audience? There seem to be more such questions/answers present on StackOverflow. I have received more answers on ServerFault so far. Or is best way forward to open GKE-Kubernetes-related questions as issues on GitHub as many seem to do? Has there been any "official" communication e.g. from Google on this matter?

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    Stack Overflow has a long standing bad habit of upvoting and answering good questions that belong here. ... And of trying to send questions here that don't belong or are utter crap. I gave up trying to understand this. Commented Jul 29, 2016 at 9:18

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Quite a few topics overlap somewhat and are on topic and suitable for the audience found at either ServerFault and StackOverflow.

You can always flag your own questions for migration to the another site if you don't get a (good) answer on your first choice.

Please don't cross post your questions on both ServerFault and Stack Overflow though.

  • As OP I now agree that flagging own question for migration is better than cross-posting (which I only did once so far).
    – Drux
    Commented Jul 29, 2016 at 17:09

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