I posted a question and it was marked as duplicate and before I could edit and explain why it's not, it was closed. I have edited it since.

I would like to reopen it, because it's basically the exact opposite of the proposed duplicate question.

So following this answer I'm posting on meta to get it reopened.

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    Since you edited the question, it was automatically put in the "reopen" queue, allowing other users with enough reputation to vote to reopen if they agree with you. I have verified that it is indeed in the queue.
    – Jenny D
    Commented Aug 21, 2017 at 14:44

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If I would "unduplicate" this, I would also close it as off-topic, maybe with a suggestion to read this book.

The reason is that your question doesn't deal with an actual current problem you have with administering a system under your control. Instead, it largely deals with understanding how DNS (and the murky business side of it with it spammers etc.) work on a fundamental level. This is off-topic.

Technically, the answer linked is the answer to your question: No, new domain names are not advertised via DNS because that is not how DNS works and the links and comments I gave explained what happens instead.

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