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Bounty an exceptional answer on a closed question

On the question Why does x86 represent 32bit when x64 represents 64bit?, Daniel C. Sobral gave an amazing answer. I'd like to bounty it because I never could find any of the information he shared. ...
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No rep refund after bounty expired? [duplicate]

I understand that the bounty on my SF question may not be refunded and automatically awarded if there is at least one answer, but I still lose the 50 rep I posted as bounty if there are no answers? ...
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Bounty Option Not Available - Am I missing something?

I have a question that has only had 13 views over 3 days. I was going to give it a bounty to try to increases views on it but there is no option to do so. Do I have to wait longer for this to become ...
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Change bounty description

I have just put a bounty on a question Rewrite all *.php to single index.php before php-fpm processes it (apache) - canonical answer required and accidentally negated one sentence. I can't see a way ...
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How can I add bounties for my question

I have 111 reputations and want to add 50 bounties for my this question: pfSense not forwarding DNS to concerned VPS Please advise how can I add them
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How to deal with off-topic questions that cannot be closed?

A came across a question which looks off-topic to me. I voted to migrate the question, but got an error message saying: This question has an open bounty and cannot be closed How should we deal ...
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Answer for Question With Bounty is in Comments

Recently, I added a bounty to the below linked question (asked by me), and in the process, someone correctly answered my question, in the comments, rather than posting it as an actual answer. I would ...
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2 answers

Why create a bounty and never return?

I'm not quite sure why someone would offer a bounty on Server Fault and never return to mark an answer or assign points. Shameful. I mean, really!! Do you think this was some sort of misunderstanding ...
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3 answers

Cannot Create Bounty - Bug

I wanted to create a second bounty on the following question: Weird Apache Access Logs But i cannot. I already have 75+ reputation and any of the criteria wherein a bounty is not allowed is not ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Reward Bounty among 2 Users

I have this question on ServerFault: Weird Apache Access Logs I think both the answers have helped me equally. And i would like to divide the bounty equally amongst them. I don't think there would ...
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2 answers

My bounty was returned - Why?

There was 5 or 6 days left on the bounty for a question of mine, and when I logged back in I noticed I had be awarded the reputation back. In the question, it no longer says a bounty is available. ...
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1 answer

Rep is lost even when no answer was received?

Is this how it normally works when a bounty is placed and no answer is received?
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4 votes
1 answer

Minimum bounty is 100 with deleted answer

It seems that a question which i answered myself, and then deleted the answer still appears as "answered by myself" and thus requires a minimal bounty or 100 reputation instead of 50. I know and ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Will my bounty be awarded to an answer from 6 months ago?

The current bounty system is broken. I ran into the issue listed in this question: Can MS Certificate Services be a Subordinate to CA created with OpenSSL The only answer was "you are using the ...
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3 answers

Why do I have to award a bounty?

For reference: How to Monitor an Adaptec/Intel ICH10R RAID Controller (any SNMP notification options?) I understand that the bounty system does not guarantee an answer, it guarantees that your ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to offer a bounty

I am not necessarily looking to do this right now, but I don't see how to offer a bounty on my question or another person's question. For future readers, I am currently at 636, so I should be fine as ...
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1 answer

RSS Feed for bounties?

Is there a feed available somewhere that tracks bounties offered? Apologies if this has been discussed and rejected elsewhere.
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2 votes
3 answers

Why is reputation for bounty taken away even if nothing is awarded?

Why is reputation offered up as bounty taken away even if the bounty is never awarded? Even after offering a bounty, I received only one answer to my question. In fact, the "answer" mostly just asked ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Transfer bounty points

I believe If I could transfer points specifically to use for bounties (only for bounties) from sisters sites (like stackoverflow) to other sites, just for the sake of opening bounties, I would have ...
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Why can't I offer a bounty for my question?

Hey everyone, Just wondering why I'm not able to offer a bounty here? Creating a file server - How can I use a large VHD file in Hyper-V? (700GB) It's been well past 2 days and I have some ...
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Can't accept answer for 'bountied' question on serverfault

I asked this question on serverfault some weeks ago and put a bounty of 50 rep on it (it got published with a bounty of 100 rep attached so I guess the system 'tops up' the bounty amount). When it ...
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