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What about jobs for system administrators?

Please don't close this question as duplicate, and also please don't post answers here. This is only a pointer to remind ServerFault users that this topic is being discussed elsewhere, because it ...
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Please don’t make Careers programmers only in practice! [duplicate]

Careers will soon be merged into Stack Overflow. Only two sites are concerned by this change, because there’s currently only two kind of jobs on Careers, developers and system administrators. ...
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Make job ads related to professional system administration on serverfault for the default visitor

I’m currently a student who aim at becoming a professional system administrator. I hate having full time developer jobs (from stackoverflow careers) particularly on serverfault. Since there are jobs ...
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Why does the careers 2.0 site cater to programmers only?

Apparently, I'd need an invitation to create a profile there. That's fine, I've been around stackoverflow, got a bit of score on SF, shouldn't be a problem, right? Moreover, there are career postings ...
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Is there an appropriate place for System Administration career oriented questions?

As I understand it, ServerFault is reserved for technical questions that are specific to the professional support of systems, network and desktop infrastructure in a business environment. Where does ...
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Why are the job ads on serverfault all for developers?

ServerFault is frequented by system administrators. exists, and has job adverts for system administrators and the like. Yet, all the job ads on the right hand side of ...
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Will there be a

I answer questions both on Serverfault & Stackoverflow, although my user ranking is much higher on If I sign up for as a SQL Server DBA, will this be ...