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Downvoting in response to closed question

After a question was recently closed the poster of said question started downvoting posts of everybody participating in the closure of his question. Is such behavior considered appropriate? If not is ...
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What do you do when you get serial downvoted?

Strangely, happened after I visited mSO and complained about SO flinging their crap in our direction, but that's got to to be just a coincidence, right? Anyhow, serial downvoting: Solution...?
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Revenge downvoting?

I don't have a link to the question as it was deleted by its owner but I believer the asker did not like my answer and downvoted some of my other questions and answers. At least it seems mighty ...
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4 votes
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How to decide where is the line between StackOverflow and ServerFault

My question in Serverfault just got down-voted and closed: My problem is right at the line between code and ...
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Retaliatory downvotes

Somebody is going through my answers and downvoting them (in the last hour or so). Some of them are old but still work. And this one for example had been marked as the accepted answer by the OP. Is ...
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4 votes
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Systematic downvoting?

While looking to see why I received a downvote (don't care, just curious) I noticed a rather unusual voting pattern to answers to this question, where all but one answer have been downvoted. None of ...
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3 votes
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Who do I ask about unfair downvotes?

Possible Duplicate: What to do with unexplained downvotes? I have a legit question on There were several good answers and no complaints. Then, I notice I have a score of -1 on ...
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2 votes
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What's the issue with my questions on Ganglia?

I have received 4 downvotes and 1 upvote on my 5 questions regarding the Ganglia monitoring system: Ganglia's GPU Nvidia module: do we need to patch the ganglia-webfrontend? https://serverfault....
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In what cases am I meant to downvote a question?

If a question seems interesting to me, or potentially practical, I vote it up and may star it. If it does not (by being outside of my field of interest/competention) I just go my way ignoring it. If a ...
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Election Voting -- Why can I DOWNVOTE a candidate?

I'm a little curious as to why users on the moderator election page can downvote a candidate. This actually does not make sense to me. Is this a bug? or a feature? and why.
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Downvotes caused ban on me to ask questions, despite I posed valid question

I am totally clueless why this well formed question is getting downvotes: I've done research and put the info I got, It's crystal ...
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Is the voting queued for later application to the rate currently being 1?

Is the the votes queued for later application to the rate with current score equal to 1? Are the new/coming votes accumulated for future accruing to suspended user? If the score is 1, is further ...
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2 answers

what's the point in unformatted comments?

I know that I can answer and I initiate the answer starting from clarifications immediately getting negative ratings which discourages to further participate in this thread. What's the point in this?...
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3 answers

Negative vote & comments

I noticed that it became common to see newcomer posts with negative votes, and no comments to explain it. Sometimes i even wonder why some good questions get downvoted without reason. Is there a ...
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Systematic downvotes?

I recently had a bad thread which has now been deleted (by me). Since then, I'm getting a pattern of down-votes on really old threads, some of which are greater than 3+ months. I believe this is ...
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Why is my question getting downvoted?

I recently asked this question about SpamAssassin and its sa-learn utility. I thought it was a very well written, but yet it has a negative vote. In fact, It's been downvoted multiple times. How do I ...
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