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Privacy issue, links for sharing questions, answers contains user ID

please do not add user ID to the links given to users when they click to share the link to an answer (for example there: Slow ext4 fsck , yet i see that it does not happen in all sites/questions ). ...
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What to do about URL redirecting ->

I have seen some RFC documents linked with URLs pointing to third-party ( formatting tools, and one recent suggested edit reproducing what is currently also a redirect: https://www.rfc-...
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If you must recommend a product in answers, what details are required?

Questions that solicit product recommendations are off-topic on Server Fault. However, there are legitimate cases where a good answer may include a product recommendation. What details about the ...
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Editing posts to change bare URLs to meaningful link text

I often edit posts (by other people) to change links from something like this1: I'm ne to lxc, but have 2 instances now happily using these instructions:
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No prominent links to the ServerFault blog?

Trying to find the ServerFault blog, I had to go through: one of the "blog" links at the top/bottom of the page, from the sidebar there, and ...
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What about a questionnaire that is perfectly valid contentwise? [closed]

as an electrical engineering & computing science project we are intending to create a cheap iKVM (KVM over IP) box. Every admin benefits from iKVM, so we would ask them to fill this questionnaire:...
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Ban Well-Known URL Shortner Links

Title says it all. Can we ban the well-known URL shortners from links in the site. I'd prefer in general text too, but that might to too far in some cases. Say these 14 (as stolen from a blog): bit....
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When should Links be provided in Answers?

I tried looking around on the FAQs and in previous Meta questions but couldn't find something directly answering this question. I have seen some answers to questions which provide NO actual answer ...
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http link not working correctly

Attempting to use the hyperlink button does not work in certain circumstances. THIS IS MY HYPERLINK The above text is actually a hyperlink, but does not appear as a hyperlink. It points to: http://...
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