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What to do about URL redirecting ->

I have seen some RFC documents linked with URLs pointing to third-party ( formatting tools, and one recent suggested edit reproducing what is currently also a redirect: https://www.rfc-...
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If you must recommend a product in answers, what details are required?

Questions that solicit product recommendations are off-topic on Server Fault. However, there are legitimate cases where a good answer may include a product recommendation. What details about the ...
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Editing posts to change bare URLs to meaningful link text

I often edit posts (by other people) to change links from something like this1: I'm ne to lxc, but have 2 instances now happily using these instructions:
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No prominent links to the ServerFault blog?

Trying to find the ServerFault blog, I had to go through: one of the "blog" links at the top/bottom of the page, from the sidebar there, and ...
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What about a questionnaire that is perfectly valid contentwise? [closed]

as an electrical engineering & computing science project we are intending to create a cheap iKVM (KVM over IP) box. Every admin benefits from iKVM, so we would ask them to fill this questionnaire:...
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Ban Well-Known URL Shortner Links

Title says it all. Can we ban the well-known URL shortners from links in the site. I'd prefer in general text too, but that might to too far in some cases. Say these 14 (as stolen from a blog): bit....
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When should Links be provided in Answers?

I tried looking around on the FAQs and in previous Meta questions but couldn't find something directly answering this question. I have seen some answers to questions which provide NO actual answer ...
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http link not working correctly

Attempting to use the hyperlink button does not work in certain circumstances. THIS IS MY HYPERLINK The above text is actually a hyperlink, but does not appear as a hyperlink. It points to: http://...
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