please do not add user ID to the links given to users when they click to share the link to an answer (for example there: Slow ext4 fsck , yet i see that it does not happen in all sites/questions ). When you move the mouse over your profile buttons in the top right bar, you can see the user number in the browser bottom status bar.

When i post such link publicly i disclose my probable user ID that i have on this site, pairing my identity.

I would like to prevent this without need to always remember removing the ID from the URL.

I was checking Firefox web browser addons if there is any that modify clipboard contents but unable to find after quick look. I am using Linux currently, there is something for it, but I have not tested it if it works as it does not seem much convenient.

Ideal would be if this tracking practice is removed.

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The way the "Share" links work is system-wide, so this request would have to be raised on the main Meta site, and there are already questions about it there.

The most relevant post about this privacy leak is originally from 2011, with an update in 2019. There are some workarounds mentioned, but the key point is probably in the first comment by a staff member: "...the permalink is explicitly designed to contain your ID..."

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