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Why has my question been deleted?

I asked a question about NFSv4 and FreeBSD and it got deleted? Why?
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Lack of fairly modern network technology questions

I recently have been scouring server fault trying to learn more about network equipment and configuration. I eventually also asked a question. But I am led to ask: How have there been no real ...
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"network engineer" terminology

In general, or at least for this site, are the terms "network engineer" and "network administrator" synonymous? Knowing this will help to phrase my questions clearly and avoid confusion. If these two ...
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The right place for a question about mobile network basics?

I sometimes use mobile internet (via UMTS in my case), and sometimes the high latency (>200ms) is rather annoying. I did some googling and found out that latencies of 200-300ms are normal for UMTS. ...
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How does StackOverflow achieve fault tolerance for it's HAProxy instances?

I read The post says that fault tolerance was achieved for the two HAProxy instances by using Heartbeat/Linux-HA which ...
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Conferences to go to 2011 Edition

It's that time of year to start thinking about what conferences we want to beg,plead,borrow and steal to get to go to this year. We all like a good conference, but are generally limited in the funds ...