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Will my SO question be appropriate on ServerFault?

Could you please let me know if my question, currently posted on Stack Overflow, is acceptable for Server Fault. The problem is that a program cannot communicate with WildFly server. The same ...
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3 answers

When to post on Serverfault vs Stackoverflow?

I've just started using Stackoverflow, and it's been very useful. I asked a question once on here that was much more technical (decoding a wordpress hack), but I'm confused in general about why to use ...
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How does StackOverflow achieve fault tolerance for it's HAProxy instances?

I read The post says that fault tolerance was achieved for the two HAProxy instances by using Heartbeat/Linux-HA which ...
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You migrated my question from Serverfault to How do I read it?

I asked a question here this morning and got about 5 good responses right away. I just came back to check in on it and it's marked Closed, Migrated to There's even a link, but it just ...
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