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Whence the [language] and [languages] tags?

Generally, the Stack Exchange software prevents the creation of tags which differ in plurality. Either the tags language and languages are old enough to predate that restriction, or someone with ...
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Why is HopelessN00b stalking me?

Why is HopelessN00b stalking me and mass-closing my questions?
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13 votes
3 answers

Usefulness of [443]?

I just noticed there is a 443 tag. It is used in more than a handful of questions, but I find its name quite poorly chosen. What to do about it? Rename? Remove?
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Request for retagging tinc-related questions

There are 6 questions related to Tinc VPN at SF now. Would mass re-tagging them be of any use? I can do it manually, but 2k+ users may do it without the hassle of waiting for approval.
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"administration" tag should be blacklisted [duplicate]

I find the tag administration really useless.
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Tag merge tsql and t-sql

As per the title, the tsql and t-sql tags should be merged, synonymed or otherwise brought together. Hmmm, while trying to post this with just the above line, which is all the question needs, I got ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What editing guideline did I violate by adding a fitting tag?

I added the "backuppc" tag to an old question about a specific BackupPC setting here: This got rejected by user Chris S. What guideline did I violate with ...
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Tag reorganisation kvm*

This is related but it doesn't look like it was fully resolved. Tag kvm has (at least) two potential uses. Some work was done as per the link above to split it into kvm and kvm-switch. However, as ...
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5 answers

tired of having questions closed -- please refine your FAQ

Is it not reasonable to assume that if there's a TAG here, a question relating to the subject of that TAG is "on topic"?
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3 votes
5 answers

Using version numbers rather than friendly names

I really hate that Microsoft pushed giving products "pretty" names rather than functional names (damn those marketing departments). Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows Vista have become household ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Alias throttle to throttling

Right now both throttle and throttling exist, with the larger batch of questions tagged with the throttle. They seem to be be about the same general thing, and throttling seems like a better choice to ...
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What is it called when you queue my bits?

So over on Unix and Linux we were chatting about how to tag questions related to traffic shaping. We thought we would check ServerFault for reference, but that led me to wonder just what exactly is ...
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