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For me I use: In the search dialog: answers:0 [tag] or my favorite that HopelessN00b helped me with: answers:0 intags:mine And THEN click the newest tab This assumes by "unanswered" you literally mean 0 answers so far, if you want "unanswered" meaning that the OP hasn't accepted an answer yet you would use: hasaccepted:no [tag] or hasaccepted:no ...


This doesn't exist directly within the search facility. The best I could come up with is [tag] created:YYYY-MM-DD answers:N so something like [linux] created:2014-03-07 answers:0 Will get you close but remember that SE's definition of unanswered means that a question has no upvoted answers so this will be different from the unanswered tab.


If you want to search based on a user, then just click on their name. Then use the provided search box.


You are correct. You must lookup the UID first and use that if you want to use the built-in search. Otherwise I use Google all the time like "Chris S" other terms

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