Michael, I am truly saddened by your news but heartened that you are able to deliver it to us yourself. I hope that your continued treatment works, is not further complicated by the Covid-19 crisis and that you are returned to good health. I've learned so much from your participation here at ServerFault, I hope to learn so much more. Thanks and Good Luck ...


As one if the simple usés, not even often here, let met thank you on our behalf. Moderators do a ton of work for all of us, and almost all of it is done beyond the scène, and they are rarely thanked for it. Thank you for your work, help, and time commitment. Have a good rest, focus on listening to your own body and emotional needs, get all the help you ...


Questions about managing Citrix environments are on-topic. Bear in mind that diagnostic and troubleshooting questions need to be sufficiently detailed to enable others to reproduce the behaviour you're seeing. A dump of random observations with "Any ideas?" at the bottom will not be received well.


In such case I would suggest to post another answer AND to edit the actual accepted answer to write a notice at the answer bottom in a quoting style, something like that; Please know this answer was correct in the past. Now the support changed. For the changed word I would add a hyperlink to your actual answer. The why I suggest that is that for ...


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