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The text says to include the essential parts of the answer. If the author of the answer does that and only that, it would fall under the fair use doctrine - see the U.S. Copyright Office's information on Fair Use. But if the author, as you say, copies and pastes a large portion of copyrighted text, presenting it as their own, that would be both legally and ...


Your post is correct in general for SE sites: answers should not be posted in comments. There are, however, a few additional factors that are worth keeping in mind: Posting answers in comments doesn't happen very often on ServerFault; it's not a big problem here. The line between what's a comment and what's an answer is blurry. There have been ...


No, it is most definitely an answer to the question, but a low-quality and mostly pointless answer because it does not give the whole story. Had it been posted as an answer it might have been downvoted, or perhaps edited to include more information. First, I disagree that this specific answer would be pointless and low-quality. Secondly, this is the ...


This 10 year anniversary contest has now come an end. Each one of the entries were pretty cool so I have decided to award all of the participants with a 1st place prize being that they were willing to make and share their creations with us! Please join me in congratulating the following winners: Ward yagmoth555 wanted lepe Each of you will receive a $...


Your post was closed as "Unclear what you're asking" because, at the time, it did not include a question. It was a statement. Post-edit, there is now a question, however it is not one which is answerable by the standards of the site. We don't deal in "ideas", we deal in specific answers to specific, reproducible problems. There isn't enough information ...


I closed the question mainly because it was highly theoretical: "what would happen if this other thing happened?" If there was a specific situation where you had a need to turn redirects off, then it would make more sense to ask here about how to do it, or the consequences.


No one watches this tag, it has few questions, and it has no obvious use. It should indeed be burninated.

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