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Why a "Wow! That solved the problem!" answer gets down voted

I don't agree with your premise that the way people vote here vs. other SE sites is different (worse) than other sites. First of all, downvoting without a comment is totally fine on all SE sites. It'...
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Answer to 11 year old question

A question does not need to be accepted to stop it from being pushed to the front page. Unanswered questions get bumped to the front page. An unanswered question is a question that has no upvoted ...
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Answer to 11 year old question

The ideal is that bad questions get closed. Good questions don't get closed, not by the community, not automatically nor do they expire over time. Implied are that good questions are not only ...
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Is TOR a Business related Environment?

Providing an onion site could very well be a legitimate business activity, as examples in the question comments show. Running a Tor relay or bridge might be business-related. As such, a question ...
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