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The authoritative information on post bans is in the post that's linked to in the message you see about the ban. A summary is: The ban is completely automatic, there's nothing a moderator can do about it. The ban is based on all your questions, including deleted ones. You have 5 deleted questions, 3 of them have 0 votes, 2 are -ive. A few downvoted ...


As I said in a comment there, it would make it clearer if you would define the time period you're actually interested in and ask how to configure that in Prometheus. I think that's what you mean, but since your example Nagios time period is "all the time," I'm not sure.


Use the (fairly) recently introduced "Custom Question Lists" feature: On the Questions page, click the Filter button Add the tags you want to whitelist to the "Tagged with:" list Click the Save custom filter button and give it a name like "My Whitelist" Go back to the Questions page, click the "More" dropdown and select your custom filter

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