EDIT: not sure of the etiquette but based on the comments I opened this on meta.stackoverflow.com as AJAXy control buttons on user profile page can break


In Chrome 8.0.552.224 on Windows 7, I found a bug in which I receive what looks to me like the raw, unformatted output of an ajax call vs having that output incorporated in the page correctly. I seem to be able to reproduce it at will in Chrome. I was going to say that Firefox 3.6.13 didn't have the same problem, but I banged on it some more and recreated it there too.

Here's what my page looks like when I follow the steps below:


Here are the steps to reproduce in Chrome:

  • Load serverfault.com
  • click on my username at the top to load my profile
  • scroll down to "Answers" section
  • click on any of the "answers" page numbers to to go any page but #1 (so, click "2" or "next")
  • click on any of the answers to load that question page in the same tab
  • click the back button to return from the question page to the profile page
  • scroll back down to the "answers" page numbers again
  • click a different page number
  • Boom, all the data that should be loaded in the answers section, but in a new page, not incorporated in the profile page.

Steps to reproduce in firefox (this works in Chrome too and is actually a simpler way to reproduce, but I'm leaving the Chrome steps because it's how I found the problem organically which might be useful reference):

  • load serverfault.com
  • click my username to load profile page
  • scroll to answers
  • click one of the numbers to go to a different page of answers (2, for instance)
  • F5 to reload the page
  • scroll back down and click another answers page index number (2 again will work)
  • And again, what appears to be the ajax response rather than the page w/ the response incorporated into it.
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    I can confirm the firefox version of this bug for Safari on MacOS 10.6.6 as well. – Sven Jan 9 '11 at 14:54
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    +1 - also confirmed. Strongly recommend posting this on meta.stackoverflow.com as it will get more visibility there. – Mark Henderson Jan 9 '11 at 21:58

Yep, plain ol' bug needed some fixin'.

This will work fine in the next build. Thanks!

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