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Is there a bug with the acceptance rate calculation?

Just spotted this question, where the user currently has a displayed 57% acceptance rate. I had a look at profile for the user, and found that he'd asked 10 questions, and accepted 4 answers, which by ...
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What's with the new location in my profile?

I had put N VA, DC, Baltimore area for my profile location. I just noticed that it had changed to Farmville, VA. Which is like half a state away. In talking with other users, they have noticed ...
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How long does it take before a new question appears on my profile?

I asked a question Sharepoints use of the ads wwwhomepage attr about 3 hours ago. I came back to see if there was an answer. I mean come on, thats the point right? Impatience! Anyway, I did not ...
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AJAXy control buttons on user profile page can break

EDIT: not sure of the etiquette but based on the comments I opened this on as AJAXy control buttons on user profile page can break -- In Chrome 8.0.552.224 on Windows 7, I ...
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Link back to user's parent-site profile in Meta

Since there's no "accounts" tab on SE 2.0 Meta pages, there's no link to the user's parent-site profile on the user's Meta profile page. Please add a link somewhere so I don't develop callouses ...
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Can you add a company field in the user profile ?

Hello, Most of the people answering and posting on serverfault are IT professionals, so a majority belong to a company or another and they can have a bias in their answer. Is it possible for people ...
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