As it stands the tag does not have a tag wiki, and it shows.

Common questions tagged with it include:

  • the hosts file (which has a non-aliased cousin )
  • tcpwrappers (hosts.{deny,allow})
  • Newbies typing "virtual host" and spawning two tags. Not that a tag wiki would help with this.

I think it's doomed to pollution no matter what, but it'd be nice if it at least had a tooltip of some sort. It'd provide a pretty butterfly for newbies to ignore when they create questions if nothing else.


My personal take is that should refer to the hosts file and that should be aliased to it.

  • This seems sensible - there are currently 162 questions tagged with hosts. If you untag all the ones that shouldn't have hosts-file and let me know I'll create the alias (Otherwise this goes on the pile of "when someone gets around to it" -- that's a big pile around here, but it's a relatively small number of questions so it may get done sooner rather than later.
    – voretaq7
    Jul 29 '13 at 15:18

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