I encountered a problem with a host provider that they were unable to fix. I'm not new to system administration, however this system was not under my control so I thought I ask if anyone had experience with this issue. However my question was put on hold and I'm not sure why: Sending email via php generates exim error after cPanel upgrade

After consulting with the cPanel group I found the solution and would normally post it as an answer but my question is on hold. Is this type of question not on topic for serverfault? Should I have asked somewhere else?

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I closed the question, so it's only fair that I weigh in.

The distinction here is not that cPanel is off-topic per se; good questions involving cPanel are certainly possible. The distinction we make is whether the question involves administering the system as opposed to being an end user of the system.

Your original question read as though you were an end user of the system, thus it would not be answerable here. End user questions should be directed to the hosting provider, cPanel support, etc.

However, your updates are applicable to cPanel administrators, so I've reopened the question so that you may post them as an answer.


Server Fault is a site for system and network administrators needing expert answers related to managing computer systems in a professional capacity.

cPanel and other panels are generally off-topic: use of those panels isn't really professional systems administration, though setting up the cPanel environment itself may be. cPanel also tends to be the cause of problems, rather than the solution, which is why most professionals avoid using it.

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