I have not found exact duplicates for

How do symlinks work in systemd unit files (and when/why wont they)?

Specifically: How to inherit settings from a systemd unit to a newly created template?

but do believe that it is sufficiently complicated to warrant 1-2 quite detailed Q&A on askubuntu, unix&linux or here on serverfault.

My specific use case is likely only relevant to managing IT in a business env and the unexpected behavior may be changed in systemd anyway, but a good generic answer will likely help many others on any of those sites for as long as older current versions are in use.

  1. Where do I post my question (I intend to provide atleast a partial answer)?
  2. May I stuff my question with the other on-topic use cases to make the question more generally useful to potentially related problems like this one?

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We like interesting IT questions.

You can certainly ask complex or unusual questions about how various aspects of systemd work. But to be sure you get a good answer, you should include as much detail about your use case as your company will allow you to do. Avoid making the question too generic; this usually doesn't work and makes it harder to provide a good answer.

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    Once again, this turned out to be the more helpful approach. By dividing my problem into smaller pieces, i eventually figured out i was entirely wrong about which part was actually broken.
    – anx
    Commented Feb 9, 2019 at 4:02

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