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What posts get deleted, and why?

A fair number of posts get deleted on Server Fault, for a wide variety of reasons and by a diverse set of methods. Because these posts are, by definition, not visible and not searchable, there tends ...
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Should I delete a question where the answer turned out to be a hardware problem?

CentOS 6 router/firewall seems to be throttling throughput After much troubleshooting the problem turned out to be a hardware fault with one of the network adapters. For unknown reasons the adapter ...
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Why was this question on remotely wiping deleted?

This question was closed and subsequently deleted. The close reason was given as "unclear what you're asking", but from the comments it seems quite clear that multiple persons had no problem ...
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Question modified into new question after being answered

Earlier I answered this (now deleted) question about SMTP configuration. After I answered it, the OP changed the question completely, including my suggested changes and posted the next problem that ...
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Duplicate of deleted question

I came across a question which is marked as duplicate of a deleted question. Is it appropriate for a duplicate link to be pointing to a deleted question? If not, what would be the proper way to deal ...
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Why did this question get deleted?

I got back from vacation and saw I had a Teacher badge for this question, but when I went to look at the question it had disappeared. Can some 10k please tell me why this question was deleted? I'm a ...
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Why was a question I answered automatically deleted?

A few minutes ago I noticed the mysterious disappearance of 65 reputation from my Server Fault account. On looking into it, I found that this question, which I'd answered last month, had been deleted. ...
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Clearing out the crap. We need some people with diamonds next to their name to help out!

This search from Deleting closed questions with no answers has really helped us delete a lot of the crap that has been sitting in closed-but-not-deleted limbo and has helped to raise the percent of ...
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Reviewing deleted posts (10K users) [closed]

I've been hitting Data Explorer pretty hard lately attempting to purge not-an-answer answers from questions. You all have seen the type. I'm having the exact same problem. Has anyone fixed this? ...
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Question deleted without any comment/motivation

This question: was deleted without any apparent reason. Since it deals with an important problem ...
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How can I access my own deleted questions?

Some of my questions have been deleted automatically (roomba), but I put some effort into them that I want to preserve elsewhere. So, how can I access my own deleted questions?
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How to remove my question?

I have a question about my Server Fault post: Vxlan Outer MAC Header Can I delete my question if I later understand that's a wrong question? If not can someone do that for me for the linked one? Or ...
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Requesting undeletion of old roomba'd question that I'd like to answer and make visible Took me nearly 2 years to figure it out by myself, way too long for SF. Since it's a wtf-worthy curiosity and ...
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4 answers

Why were my questions deleted and account suspended?

I was recently blocked from serverfault for 1 month. Apparently for asking questions (gasp). I have asked 5 questions over a period of many months, and all have been closed/deleted (all unfairly in ...
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Moderator deleting my questions

A moderator closed a question of mine as a duplicate despite it not being a duplicate (the circumstances and the question are different, he claimed it was a duplicate of a general FAQ-style question). ...
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