Yes, nuke it. Bump: I've started the cleanup of this tag. If anyone else would like to assist, please feel free. Please perform your edits in small batches so that the front page doesn't stay inundated with these edits.


I agree that remote by itself is not a useful tag name. Of 451 questions currently tagged remote 36 of them are also tagged desktop. I guess most of those 36 should be tagged remote-desktop rather than remote and desktop. Of the other 415 questions tagged remote without the desktop tag, it is likely there are also some that should be tagged remote-desktop, ...


Yes it's useless lets burninate it


I also see absolutely no purpose to either of these tags. I would not complain to see them gone.


This tag is no longer attached to any questions. In the near future it will disappear automagically in a puff of electrons.


I definitely agree that it's a bad tag, and should be burnt to a crisp and banned from ever being used again. Some of the questions it is on are already reasonably tagged, but others need to be retagged a bit to maintain a reasonable amount of clarity (for example, questions tagged reverse and proxy should probably have both those tags removed and replaced ...



No one watches this tag, it has few questions, and it has no obvious use. It should indeed be burninated.


I wouldn't. Even when Office 365 contains Exchange Online, Exchange Online could be subscribed as a standalone service which don't necessarily have the Office Suite apps. https://products.office.com/en-us/business/compare-office-365-for-business-plans https://products.office.com/en-us/exchange/compare-microsoft-exchange-online-plans


This tag not only should be burninated, it should be blacklisted, so that it can never be used again.


Transform it to a synonym of an already existing tag. My candidates would be: user-management, authorization, service-accounts. We have a root tag as well. Maybe this should be also handled in the same way.


I agree with Felipe. I wanted to add this as a comment, but it is too long. So ... Exchange is not Office. The Office 365 suite is a collection of end-user tools like Word, Excel or Outlook that can be obtained via a subscription license, as opposed to Office 2016 which is obtained through a one-off payment. Exchange Online, or Exchange 2016 respectively, ...

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