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Answering part of a question
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16 votes

The difficulty probably comes for the asker when choosing the "correct" answer if/once someone else has answered the other half of the question. I have no solution to that problem. Maybe some ...

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Are cpanel questions really 'professional sysadmin' related?
16 votes

I've been a professional sysadmin for 6 years and in the web business for 12. I've never seen cPanel. So what do we do about them? There seems to be a distinct lack of quality in these questions. ...

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Is Amazon EC2 irrelevant?
12 votes

Sometimes questions are tagged with ubuntu or centos even though they have nothing to do with Ubuntu or CentOS. However, knowing which distribution the user is using allows the answer to contain ...

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Why did I lose reputation
1 votes

Don't forget you can go to and see every reputation-affecting event for your account ever. My guess is that a recalc happened and there was a discrepancy by 1 which ...

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