Do you guys want this question on testing a cluster of CPUs.

It's already got one plain close vote and a flag for migration here.

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Mm, that's a dirty question. That'll require a fair amount of back-n-forth to really get the right details.

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  • OK - I'll just close as off topic and say he should repost with a lot more information. – ChrisF Oct 10 '11 at 20:27
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    Just to re-inforce, we'd probably end up closing it here as NARQ – Mark Henderson Oct 10 '11 at 20:31
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    ...and, he re-posted verbatim. – Shane Madden Oct 10 '11 at 21:20

No, absolutely not. That's such a poor question it needs to be closed, not migrated. Unless it's really obvious that a question really is about an administration issue AND appears to have sufficient information to make it answerable please don't send it to SF. I don't think I'm the only tired of closing crap that has been migrated over.

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