Server Fault's sixth moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied and the two new moderators are:

Ward yagmoth555

They'll be joining the existing crew shortly—please thank them for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice with them as they learn the ropes!

Also, please join me in thanking EEAA and HBruijn who will be stepping down as moderator.

For details on how the voting played out, you can download the election results here, or view a summary report online.

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    Woohoo! Congrats, Ward and yagmoth555! Ward, it's about time! Commented Oct 15, 2018 at 19:48

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Congratulations to @Ward and @yagmoth555 have fun!

Thanks to @HBruijn and @EEAA for your moderation (in all senses).

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    Thanks... just handled my first flag, yay! Commented Oct 3, 2018 at 15:58
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    @Ward hope you don't stop voting. You've always been my voting hero!
    – MadHatter
    Commented Oct 3, 2018 at 20:21

I totally missed this. Completely. My bad!

Ward is the perfect example of why you should never stop trying. Every single election they've been nominated and after 7 years and 6 attempts that absolutely insane number of votes cast has paid off.


Moderator, it is not a "celebrity", it is a hard work, and it means to have skin in the game.

I wish them good luck, reliable keyboard, and full cup of coffee by hand.

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