My vote goes to burninate - it's adding nothing.


I recommend doing whatever you feel is appropriate. You have the required rep, so the SE system trusts you with making that judgement. (I think it also assumes that there are more than ~7 active members in its communities, but that's nothing you have any control over.) I'm of the firm opinion that the tag is useless - it may be used accurately, but with ...


By extending Jeff Ferland query from top 100 to top 300, here some tags that I'm proposing Nuked tags because off-topic: suggestionsalternatives-togotchas Cleanup tags (similar with documentation): referenceguides Gray area: setting-as-default: some questions about how to make an option as default option for client select: 5 Questions about how select ...


Yes it could but the community will have to do it. If I recall correctly, the way for the community (including moderators) to delete a tag is to remove it from all questions. After that it will be automagically removed. Get weaving.


soa is a mixture of soa-record and Oracle Service-Oriented-Architecture.. It should probably be made a synonym of soa-record and the Oracle questions have the tag removed.


golang should be merged into go (or synonymized).


The tag is not completely useless, it is accurate for questions regarding the history facility of certain shells. I have been rejecting edits relating to such usage and rolling them back when I see them too.


After some hiatus because of duplicate tags hunting, here the proposed bad tag (again) www Bunch of question where user wants his website accessible for both www and non-www version bypass Most of the question was about bypassing some restriction in their environment freeware Question about: what's best freeware to do blablabla... Others:dropboxpictures ...


I think loops should go. Perhaps localhost isn't particularly valuable either. (If both of those flags are eliminated, it would leave one question without any labels at all.)

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