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If you run across other pepople's questions that are horribly antiquated, flag it and explain what's going on. We can put a Historical Lock on it; stops it from popping up on the front page without deleting content that we hope nobody will ever have to use again. If it's just older software, and especially if it has a good answer, no need to bother it.


You should be able to delete your own question - if not flag it (or let me know here) and I'll make it go away. Anything related to IIS makes me feel dirty so I have no problem killing an unanswered question.


This is a meta-tag, and it and its brethren should be blacklisted. They don't classify anything atomically, and by themselves they don't mean anything; they must be used with another tag. We don't like meta-tags around these parts, so they should go. fail 13 questions crash 172 questions error 66 questions fault 12 questions Because of their recurring ...


If you're gonna do this, let's do it right: Define a custom off-topic reason. Doesn't have to be a permanent addition, but for the purpose of this cleanup swapping one in means less tedious clicking for the folks closing. More importantly, it means we're not notifying hundreds of people while conducting this campaign: kinda rude to drag folks back only to ...


The tag is not necessarily evil, but I have no doubt this is a hotspot for off-topic questions. I intend to go through them on a case-by-case basis a bit, and I suggest other non-moderators do the same. Since the close queue is growing, though, it might be nice to have a moderator assist to slam some of the clearer ones closed once they have a couple votes....


The fastest way to get rid of bad questions is to close them and make sure they have a downvote. Here are some ideas for searching for bad questions... #1 - Closed questions with no answers and no upvotes In this previous post, I suggested searching for: closed:1 migrated:0 answers:0 score:0 (Note that score:0 matches only posts with score=0, whereas ...


I'm a little confused as to why we need to spend time retroactively closing these questions. I agree that they are now OT in most cases (not all- but certainly most), and new questions should be closed. What do we get from looking fir them specifically?


This is now complete. (we like to have answers on these so they don't show up as no answers..)


I'm less convinced of this one since the usage of this tag seems to less in the mode of the lolcat and more in the mode of putting the error message in the tag. By the same reasoning error, fault, and crash should also be expurgated. This tag just needs a bit of pruning. The use-case is one of a modifier on an existing tag. A meta-tag, but perhaps a useful ...


Please feel free to disagree with and change any of my suggestions below. HA suggestions for geographically separated sites (Not shopping, take out the suggestions keyword and it's fine.) Administrator password lost for remote Windows Web Server 2008 R2, any suggestions? (Not shopping) Need suggestions for a R/W distributed file system for a webserver ...


Any suggestions of a good registry cleaner? (Clearly shopping. Clearly off topic.) Tripwire policy suggestions (Not shopping. Still a bad question. Too broad. Can't be salvaged. NARQ.) Hardware and topology suggestions for iSCSI + GFS environment (Not exactly shopping. However, it's broad, asking for best practices, chatty, open ended and has four questions ...

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