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Old and useless questions bumped to home page by "Community"

And then it’s hilarious when specifically this post gets bumped to the front page by ♦️ Community...
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What to do about new users posting useless answers only to make themselves known?

You have all the tools you need to deal with this on a case by case basis yourself. If an answer is useless then simply downvote it. You could also consider protecting the question to stop it from ...
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How to flag/close questions about old/irrelevant versions

No specific action is required. Old questions don't need closing simply because they are old and/or outdated. All posts are dated and people sufficiently literate to use a search engine to find an ...
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How to flag/close questions about old/irrelevant versions

I don't believe that we must do anything about such a question if it is on topic for ServerFault. Someone could still answer this (even if it is unlikely) and someone found it worthwile enough to ...
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