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Negative vote & comments

Voting is anonymous and should stay that way. Requiring a comment would prevent this, so this an extremely undesirable feature in my view.
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Negative vote & comments

I never see anyone complaining when they receive an up-vote without an explicit explanation... As Iain is fond of saying: "No one who needs to, reads anything least of all documentation." Many first ...
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The waving hand "New contributor" symbol

Not particularly. I think I pick the same close reasons regardless. Mostly I find it patronising: "remember to be nice to the other children!".
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Negative vote & comments

The point value of a downvote is negligible compared to the rep increases you'll get through normal use of the site. There's been commentary throughout the life of the Exchange on how to get rid of ...
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What to do about new users posting useless answers only to make themselves known?

You have all the tools you need to deal with this on a case by case basis yourself. If an answer is useless then simply downvote it. You could also consider protecting the question to stop it from ...
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