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Downvoting in response to closed question

After a question was recently closed the poster of said question started downvoting posts of everybody participating in the closure of his question. Is such behavior considered appropriate? No, it's ...
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Election Voting -- Why can I DOWNVOTE a candidate?

It is a feature. Upvote is approval. No vote neutral. Downvote is disapproval. This gives an overall sense of how the Server Fault community and the wider Stack Exchange users feel about a ...
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Negative vote & comments

Voting is anonymous and should stay that way. Requiring a comment would prevent this, so this an extremely undesirable feature in my view.
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Negative vote & comments

I never see anyone complaining when they receive an up-vote without an explicit explanation... As Iain is fond of saying: "No one who needs to, reads anything least of all documentation." Many first ...
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Retaliatory downvotes

You can wait 24H if a serial downvoter. Each day a script run and the action would be removed and the user that did it will have a flag. If after 24/48H the action was not undone you can privately ...
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What's the issue with my questions on Ganglia?

The tooltip, when you hover over the downvote arrow, says "This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful". That's the closest you'll get to an authoritative answer as ...
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Negative vote & comments

The point value of a downvote is negligible compared to the rep increases you'll get through normal use of the site. There's been commentary throughout the life of the Exchange on how to get rid of ...
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Election Voting -- Why can I DOWNVOTE a candidate?

To add to Iain's answer, to make it to the second Election round, I believe the candidate needs to have a positive net vote count. That is, more people approve than disapprove of the candidate.
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