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Confused about joining the community (reputation)

For your original question: If the duplicate question does not have an answer that is applicable to your situation. Repose your question and add the possible duplicate in a link with remarks as to why ...
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Confused about joining the community (reputation)

There are multiple ways you can participate in this community, just like any other SE community. First off take some time to read the tour and the help center, Server Fault is more than just what ...
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Votes from users under 15 reputation

Since votes on comments don’t generate any reputation they don’t result in the notification of a change in reputation to the author. Votes on answers (and questions) by any user allowed to vote ...
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Confused about joining the community (reputation)

Stack Exchange sites are Question and Answer sites. Anything that isn't a Question or an Answer is, by design, a second-class citizen. "Joining the community" is a matter of participating in the ...
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Reputation from sister sites should be considered

For such suggestion I think it must be asked on MSE, but please validate if it was already asked in the past there. I would not migrate directly as often duplicate get downvoted a lot on MSE I think ...
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No rep refund after bounty expired?

Yes, this is correct - bounties are non-refundable. There are many reasons why you might have not get an answer: no one is interested in it or at least no one knowing a solution it's also strictly ...
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Why can i still not ask questions?

I cannot answer for Stack Overflow, but here on Server Fault, you are not banned.
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