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My question was marked as a duplicate. How can I object?

The best way to object to a question being marked as duplicate is to edit the question and explain clearly how the other question does not fit your situation. It's not sufficient to simply add a ...
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Should I write an answer and have it closed immediately as duplicate as an effort to provide more access points?

None of the wording is better - they both raise the same problem and have the same answers. The second one is obviously not indexed by Google. They are then duplicates and you create work for the ...
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Older Question is a Duplicate of a Newer Question?

A duplicate is a duplicate regardless of age. It's true - more frequently newer questions are flagged as dupes of older questions, but in this case it wasn't appropriate. The dupe question for yours ...
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Duplicate of deleted question

This is a consequence of the OP doing it wrong in asking a bad question, creating a new question instead of editing the port information into the original, then deleting the first instance after the ...
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My question was marked as a duplicate. How can I object?

I suppose that as one of those who voted to close it, there is some onus on me to respond. Firstly, you should be aware that one criterion for closure is that the answer to your question is the ...
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What does marked as duplicate by Community♦ mean?

Apparently, there is a way that a user can agree that a question is indeed a duplicate before the five votes or the mod hammer are in. In that case, Community♦ will be blamed for the closure. Can ...
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My question was marked as a duplicate. How can I object?

Since I was participating in the original Q&A with some comments and the first to vote too, I'll add my two cents as well. I completely agree that the duplicate question is not quite the same as ...
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