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What posts get deleted, and why?

27,911 posts were deleted on Server Fault during the past 365 days (query run on Feb. 16th, 2016). That breaks down as follows: Post Type Deleted by... Posts ...
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Moderation inconsistencies

The deleted answer to which you link is really just a link to an off site resource and we have a long standing requirement for answers to contain content not just pointers to content. A précis of the ...
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Moderation inconsistencies

This kind of thing happens when you have more than one person doing the moderating. As it happens, the question you linked to was converted to a comment, so the content was preserved. As it happens, ...
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Moderation inconsistencies

I declined this flag. This is why: So-called link-only answers have long been discussed on the network. Nobody really likes them, as they divert people off-site which is frustrating to them, and the ...
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Moderation inconsistencies

I've not deleted the answer, but converted it into a comment. This is what I always do for answers that are essentially links to external resources. In my view, flags should be used to make us ...
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readd answer to question

You may not have sufficient privileges yet to see that the answer was converted to a comment by one of my fellow moderators, rather than deleted outright. The content was preserved but since it is ...
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