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Why can't I offer a bounty for my question?
6 votes

You need at least 100 rep before you can slice off your ear and offer it up to someone as part of a bounty.

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Serverfault orientated podcast
3 votes

Podcast #75 guest stars Tom Limoncelli of Everything Sysadmin and regales you with a banging bucks' worth of sysadmin content on the Stack Overflow podcast series.

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Where to ask complex but home network questions?
2 votes

The blog post may be new, but the welcome of home networking questions on Super User has been allowed for a while. The update to the Super User FAQ was just explicitly reminding other users that it'...

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Inactive mods on SF - Or are they?
2 votes

It's pretty much accepted that if you get a diamond added to your name, your reputation trajectory stagnates, if not limpers. One big reason why your moderators aren't answering questions is because ...

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Is the highlight for interesting questions in SF too light?
1 votes

Looks and feels fine. It's on that shade just before being too dark and way too light to notice. But right now, it's a nice kind of pancake batter hue to it. But that's only from a perspective on ...

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