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Is there any way to allow a low-reputation user to chat?

I think that Ping device connected to host having LAN access is probably a very simple problem, but the OP is new to SF and isn't always providing the right information in a useful fashion. I think ...
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How do I take a comment thread elsewhere?

A wrote a comment on an answer. That turned into a discussion, which I now feel is off-topic for the original answer. I'm thinking the right thing to do is to take the discussion to chat, before I ...
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Can we remove the google index for the Comms Room?

Is there any way to make it so that Google wouldn't index the chats from the Comms Room? Why is it currently set up the way it is?
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Feature Request: "I'm At Work" Mode in Chat Rooms

You know what would be a cool chat room feature? The ability to flip on "I'm at work" mode in the chat room, where no embedded images are shown automatically, but they still show up for people who ...
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Chat is not a place for live support, but what is live support?

The banner in the Comms Room says This is *NOT* a place for 'Live Support', ask on the main site. I think we all agree that we don't want this room to turn into "halp! halp! My production system ...
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How do I chat about a question if the asker has too low rep for chat?

I encountered a question which turns out to need more back and forth, and that is is inappropriate for comments. But the chat system won't let the questioner in because his rep is only 7 and 20 is ...
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Would a "Vote these questions up" chat room make sense?

Since we don't have a lot of active voters, I was wondering if a chat room that's the opposite of "Vote to close" would make sense. Just as people post links in Vote to Close to what they consider to ...
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5 votes
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Chat link in top bar missing?

This morning, I sit at my desk, almost spill my coffee, get settled and open firefox 5.0.1 and what do I see? The chat link is missing. WTF mate, like my morning could have started any worse?
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Why do the links to chat rooms show up randomly?

I'm not sure when it happened, but at some point the links on the sidebar to The Comms Room and Vote to Close went away. I wondered about their disappearance, but didn't bother to post a question ...
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Can the links to useful chat rooms be made permanent?

As of now (11pm Pacific Time), a temporary/test/silly/whatever-it-is chat room called "Room for coredump and Jacob" has taken over from "Vote to Close" on the right sidebar. Ok, since "useful" ...
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5 answers

Chat activity for election nominees

Zoredache mentioned in their answer here (emphasis mine): If anyone happens to be reading this, and doesn't regularly go into the chat please understand that most of the current candidates ...
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7 answers

Pick an easter egg for chat.serverfault!

On chat.meta.stackoverflow, there's a little easter egg where text entered as [status-blah] will be rendered as a moderator only tag. We'd like to do something similar, but specific to ...
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