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Why can't I post on server fault?

I'd like to know why I can't post on serverfault. I have checked my question history and they all have positive karma. When will the ban on server fault end? Why was I ban for such a long time (years)...
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Server fault: reached question limit

This is my profile on server fault: I am not here to ask to remove by block. I ask you to explain what make me fall into ...
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Is it better to ask about OSX server-related-questions (small-to.mid-sized, Enterprise) in Serverfault or Ask Different?

I have a question about my Server Fault post: How can I clear the DHCP GUI in OSX Server? Ghost clients in the building
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closed serverfault question

I am reading this closed question and I find the reason for closing it a bit confusing: Why does it matter the environment where the issue occurs, since it could equally happen both at home for ...
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Is hardware assembling questions off the Server Fault's focus?

Can I ask questions related to 'assembling server racks'?
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What is server fault for?

Ok, I can't understand what I am supposed to post on that stackexchange site as everything I post gets downvoted, this for stackexchanges general policies too. On stackoverflow I know I can post ...
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Merge [rdp] into [remote-desktop]

There are 2 very similar (equal imo) tags: remote-desktop ×845 rdp ×522 Please merge and synonymize one into another.
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Is serverfault too broad?

How do you consume the flood of serverfault data on a daily basis? The favorite & ignore tags helps a bit, but I still find it to be a flood of information that is hard to digest. Sub/more ...
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Question about MAC addresses anomaly went wrong by too many editors

This is the question Connectivity issues when setting guest MAC to the same as the host MAC on ESXi 5 As some of you may see - this question has a little pragmatic problems: This was not the ...
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How do high-reputation SF users solve their own problems?

I have viewed some profiles of SF users who have high reputations. One thing I have noticed that they have asked only a few questions. Some Profile links are given below: Evan Anderson Iain MadHatter ...
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Why was my question considered not acceptable for Server Fault?

I just had a question closed on Server Fault: Open Source Monitoring for Windows However, I can't understand why. The FAQ states that questions about monitoring (which it is) are allowed. I guess ...
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How can I log out of ServerFault?

Usually when my PC is on and my browser is on I am always logged into ServerFault, and I don't care much about that, since it is at my home PC. However, I've been into a friend house yesterday and ...
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Serverfault, superuser, or nowhere?

I have a question that I'd like to post, which is entirely business related, which concerns connecting a home worker to a corporate network using an ADSL router with a VPN client built in to it. The ...
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When to post on Serverfault vs Stackoverflow?

I've just started using Stackoverflow, and it's been very useful. I asked a question once on here that was much more technical (decoding a wordpress hack), but I'm confused in general about why to use ...
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Post Op Most Famous Question

I don't suppose we'll be seeing any kind of post op report, blog, or podcast about Our security auditor is an idiot. How do I give him the information he wants? I would be really interested in seeing ...
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Please burninate the [server] tag

On Server Fault, we have the server tag with 2283 questions as of this post. The general consensus is that it's a useless tag and it doesn't help to sort questions, but the sheer number of questions ...
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I would like the URLs to your blogs

I'm looking to compile a list of blogs that users here write as I'd like to follow them. If you are an active member and want to share your sites to be followed, please post them below.
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Why does the banner for Server Fault state "Got server questions?"

I've seen a lot of questions migrated to from Server Fault to Pro Webmasters, included one of mine. Of course it was my fault I didn't look exactly where I was posting - I don't try to deny that. But ...
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3 answers

Moderator elections bug

I'm getting a banner telling me to cast my last vote on the moderator elections but I've already cast three votes. I've refreshed the page but still get the message. I've also verified that my 1st, ...
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Removed answer by a moderator???

I think mrdenny deleted one of my answers and I think it's because I've just linked external material w/o providing a solution. Nothing to say about the reason, but I think it'd be better to let the ...
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How do you ask a question about server fault after reading the faq and not finding clarification?

The meta links to the server fault meta community area, where it should be appropriate to ask a question about what is appropriate for server fault, before actually posting to server fault, and having ...
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Are most Serverfault users Unix or Windows Admins?

Im very curious to this.. StackOverflow seems to have a much larger Unix aware user base At times im very excited to see lots of Unix questions about cool stuff.. However it is often that there is ...
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serverfault doesn't has a PM?

if I'm interested to send a private message to a certain user from serverfault, how can I do that?
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2 answers

Questions Around Recommendations For Hosting etc

There have been a number of questions from users asking for recommendations for: cheap web hosting VPS hosting servers more, etc. We know that a sister community, SuperUser is being developed to ...
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11 answers

Is Serverfault as useful as Stackoverflow, in principle?

In my experience programming problems come with time to resolve them. Asking a programming question and getting an answer the next day (Thanks guys!) is very useful indeed as the millions of ...
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