I recently stole Jon Skeet's excellent check list and modified it for use on Server Fault. I've left a link to it in quite a few comments recently and on a several occasions people have responded positively to it. Perhaps it (or something similar) could be used? I think this has the advantage over @voretaq7's excellent How can I ask a better question ... ...


What are the canonical answers we've discovered over the years? I don't think it's in the official help, but you'll run across a link back to it in every Canonical Question. We've had other efforts to make it more visible, but they've all been pretty well shot down. Also, I believe the search function prioritizes questions with many views and which are ...


No. The company name is Stack Overflow. Again. This change hasn’t reached all parts of the network yet, though and on the bottom right of th page you can still read site design / logo © 2018 Stack Exchange Inc But maybe the whole circus is run by multiple monkeys now, with multiple names, for some enterprisy reasons.

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