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Eh, sorta... You can set robots.txt to not index the transcripts of particular rooms or the whole site. But: That doesn't stop anyone from copying the content, and allowing it to be indexed from their site. Google's a bit slow at updating the "rules" from robots.txt if it's already indexed a site. Rule #5 - The Internet Never Forgives or Forgets


My short answer: I think the SF members in chat need to chill out a bit and consider that they also started out somewhere, and if someone has a legitimate question, maybe try and ask why they are asking rather then seeing it as live support. TL;DR I have to admit that I am one of the culprits with regards to asking. I am not a full time server admin, ...


You've got two choices: If the comment train gets long enough you'll be prompted to automatically create a room for both of you. You'll both get invitations and life's pretty easy from there. There is a manual way; unfortunately it's still kinds of difficult: Send user a link to the room where you want to chat. Note, you must be an owner of the room (...


The "take this discussion to chat" button appears automatically if the thread is long enough, but I don't see a way for either users or moderators to force this to happen for shorter discussions. Cheap workaround: Maybe just add a few bogus comments.


There's two issues here I think. Firstly we have to manage expectations - people cannot come into chat and expect to be able to have a discussion on whatever they want to talk about. It may be that the people in chat are not interested in a subject, or lack the knowledge to talk about it. We'd need to be careful about how we phrase making it "officially ok"....


To some extent this already exists. If someone asks a question on the main site and a comment conversation starts, then the parties are invited to go to chat. If they accept then a chat room is created and the discussion surrounding the question is captured and correctly attributed for posterity. I doubt that most people who drop in looking for support ...

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