Stack Overflow is so large that it is not possible for any single person to read even the titles of every question posted there on a given day, let alone all of the questions. However, Server Fault, while fairly large, is still small enough that someone could at least read all the titles of all the questions posted. Some people do this, and as a result, they ...


In very short words: SF is a site for professional system administrators exclusively and we don't want non-professional questions. Low quality questions are by definition non-professional. This is a major and important difference to most/all other sites on the SF network. Why? Broken window theory. I see it every day. And unless you filter very heavily ...


where we came in? There is always a focus on quality not just at election time, SE is supposed to be a repository of high quality Q&A. Perhaps I am missing some relevant history. Yes, lots, most if not all of it is here on meta. It boils down to SF is largely a river of crappy questions easily answered if the OP would be bothered to read some ...


You should still vote to close. Other people's votes are not your responsibility. All you can do is vote correctly. Certainly, disagreeing with a close vote isn't a valid reason to flag, for example.


It depends on the reputation level of the person whose answer you're reviewing. If they have too low a reputation to be able to post comments, the first option will be used. If they have enough reputation, the second will be used.


I hadn't had a coffee yet ... In such cases, you can help by making the situation more obvious. Leave a comment below the answer or use the "other" flag reason and explain there.


See here: What can I do when getting “It does not meet our quality standards”? It's probably your subject line, or the fact that there's too many large code blocks, making the system think you're asking us to plz send teh codes.


I disagree. The bar should be exactly as high as it is for everyone else. We're meant to be curating a corpus of high quality Q&A. If you let one class of user get away with low quality Q&A then you have to let other classes do the same (Broken Windows just like here). The OPs self answer was basically I fixed the problem by reinstalling the ...


Remember that voting in all of it's forms is community oversight. It's not about giving away a PhD, you don't need to solve the halting problem information just needs to be clear and correct/helpful. Voting on Q&A is intended to solve the following problem How do you know that the information in a post is useful? Without voting, Q&A on SE is ...


Yes, the very low quality flag is available only for posts scored 0 or below. In any case, you can't flag that answer because I already deleted it.


Honestly, um. Sometimes self-answers can be mock-worthy. I once parodied one to a friend as, "Q: How do I put on my underwear?" "A: Slit the crotch open with a razor blade and pull them over your head, then bend over and stitch the crotch back together." (No link, because it's mean. But the user in question was last seen over a year ago, so if you're ...


The approach I generally use is as follows: Will this question be useful to someone who I perceive as having the minimum amount of training for their job? (mistakes by those people pass this test) Is the answer too specific to the environment in which it occurred? These are signs that the entire Q&A needs to be junked. If these conditions are cleared, ...

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