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Reading this Meta Stack Overflow post, it seems the Stack Exchange team did a one time best guess at your actual location using a Yahoo location service and if it found a match from what was currently in your profile, it updated it to a "proper" formatted place. If no match was found though, it left it as it was. I'm not sure how it got Liverpool from ...


Usually they appear almost immediately for me. Do make sure that you have the correct sort order set in your profile. If you are sorting by votes or view, your new question may not appear in the first page of the list. You should probably sorting by 'newest' if you want to see newly added questions. I can imagine that it is somewhat cached, so you may ...


Questions without answers don't count against your acceptance rate. It would be unfair to penalize someone for not accepting something that doesn't exist. This my also apply if all the answers are negative, but I'm speculating.


First, the accept rate is heavily cached. Second, it excludes questions that are new (less then two days old), have no answers, or are community wiki. 10 questions 7 questions have answers. 4 are marked as accepted. 4/7 = 57.14%

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible