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One user with offensive username

Bring your sense of humor and think about what you said: This is an international community, meaning many people won't share your view of what's offensive. If you really can't do this, please contact ...
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How can I delete my account?

I'm a bit behind on emails. Fortunately, I have 8 of them from you, so there's a really good chance I'd have gotten to it eventually. But since you posted here, I've gone ahead and just scheduled ...
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Server fault: reached question limit

Please note that you're only banned from asking new questions, you are still allowed to post answers, and highly encouraged to do so. Please pay it forward. Please see What can I do when getting “We ...
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How can I delete my account?

You have posted on Serverfault, so you have to use the contact form to ask the admin team to delete the account. This can't be done by mods. If you have already done that, please leave a comment so ...
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