There's no benefit to passing an audit, and almost no detriment to failing, so I'm not sure the extra effort is worth the almost non-existant reward... However, if you see something that should be corrected please do so, if you want to game the audit first that's your prerogative. If you can't correct it yourself please flag it so someone can clean it up.


You would not be the first to complain about this kind of thing. Even a cursory glance through the review-audits tag would yield dozens of similar complaints, were they properly tagged. But, see here: Should we game the audit system? Fortunately, failing one or two of these has no consequence. Unfortunately, they are a total waste of your time, and very ...


I don't care what you do with review audits. Personally if I am suspicious about a review, I'll click through and view the actual Q&A, and then it's usually obvious whether it's a review audit. Just be absolutely sure you are acting appropriately for real reviews.


Disregarding my personal opinion on whether this question is, or isn't, off-topic. Here's my two cents on disputing Review Audits on meta. Don't bother By design reviews take several votes, it takes a consensus of people to close a question. This also means that people are allowed to disagree, but they have to abide by the majority vote. The fact that you ...


I'm not sure if this is a useful answer, but it is a way to deal with the marginal cases that audits present. For virtually all the reviewing I do, I click through and look at the actual question and answers. I find that the information presented on a review page often isn't enough to for me to decide, so I look at the "real" page and decide based on ...


If you are unsure what to do then move right along. Like all things SE, as a volunteer, you're not required to do anything, leave it to the next person(s).


You got a Review Audit. On those, if the original edit was approved then you can only "pass" the audit by also clicking "looks okay". If you click anything else, including leaving a comment, you fail. It's dumb, but failing makes no difference unless you fail a lot... This seems to happen once every few months, you're not alone.


First off, note that the limit automatically increases if the backlog gets really big. It's more or less permanently 40/day on Stack Overflow simply because thousands get added every day. But 20 reviews per day, every day, is a lot of reviews. Very few people have that kind of stamina. Yes, it's tempting to sit down and do 40, 50, 500/day when you're ...


If you really want to close something in the queue, you can click through to the Question and close it there. I know this isn't a good answer, since it's a pain, but it's what I plan on doing when I get to 12345 reviews. I kinda - but not too much - object to people getting more reviews, they should have to get up to 10,000+ the old-fashioned, 20-at-a-time ...


Breaking it down: Comments are a neutral concept. Badges for review tasks are dumb and encourage people to do dumb things things. The devs need the comment action to trigger a pass or fail, because Review Audits are more focused on catching you "gaming the system" than teaching good behavior. Review Audits are dumb.


It's not because it's short, it's because it doesn't answer the question, except in the most trivial sense (the closest thing to a question in there is "I have no idea what to do next"). Since it doesn't answer the question, it got turned into a comment.


What Ward and Reaces said. When in doubt I click through, and almost never fail any more. (Although I do back arrow to the queue before I click, haha, or open the actual post in a new window.) That said, I also just plain disagree with the reviews sometimes, because they're automatically generated. If I flunk a review I disagree with, I'm okay with that. ...


In short, this question is not a duplicate of the 30,000 "how does free work?" questions on the site. It's asking a much more specific and detailed question, not covered by the dupe target(s).


As far as I understand, the answer isn't clear on what basis the it is trying to get the questioner to check the PHP version. It's pretty clear upon further thought that the answer is telling the questioner that "maybe you don't have the PHP version you need; why don't you check it and do this if you don't have the correct version." While that certainly ...

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