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An explanation is found in priviliges section of the manual: https://serverfault.com/help/privileges/access-review-queues in particular on First Post reviews: ... The First Posts queue contains the first few posts asked by new users, who may not fully understand the best way to ask and answer questions, or what's on- and off-topic on this site. The ...


First off, note that the limit automatically increases if the backlog gets really big. It's more or less permanently 40/day on Stack Overflow simply because thousands get added every day. But 20 reviews per day, every day, is a lot of reviews. Very few people have that kind of stamina. Yes, it's tempting to sit down and do 40, 50, 500/day when you're ...


There are currently 38 questions in the close queue. If you have already voted on or skipped them, they do not show for you.


If you really want to close something in the queue, you can click through to the Question and close it there. I know this isn't a good answer, since it's a pain, but it's what I plan on doing when I get to 12345 reviews. I kinda - but not too much - object to people getting more reviews, they should have to get up to 10,000+ the old-fashioned, 20-at-a-time ...


After you vote on a question hit the back button in your browser if you want to see what others have done on that question up to that point: I know for me, I use that every now and then, especially when I choose "Leave Open" or am asking myself "who the heck voted this as Off-Topic?"


I've done the most close vote reviewing, and I vote to close a lot. As per some of the pre-election discussion, I think it would be useful to more precisely define (maybe with examples) what each of the close vote reasons means for "us" on SF... ...but in the meantime, I generally err on the side of voting to close. It takes 5 to close, and although there'...

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