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How should I review First Posts?

An explanation is found in priviliges section of the manual: https://serverfault.com/help/privileges/access-review-queues in particular on First Post reviews: ... The First Posts queue contains the ...
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Can we increase review queue limits?

First off, note that the limit automatically increases if the backlog gets really big. It's more or less permanently 40/day on Stack Overflow simply because thousands get added every day. But 20 ...
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The "closed" review queue is zero

There are currently 38 questions in the close queue. If you have already voted on or skipped them, they do not show for you.
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Can we increase review queue limits?

If you really want to close something in the queue, you can click through to the Question and close it there. I know this isn't a good answer, since it's a pain, but it's what I plan on doing when I ...

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