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Having just spent several minutes weed-whacking a bunch of similar posts from hopeful marketers trying to provide tool suggestions to people having problems, I can say that such tool-only posts are an invitation sign to a lot more. Every morning I have to deal with one to three such posts. Since you have the rep to see it, take a look at the deleted history ...


In this case: the answers are helpful the user is not trying to promote the company the user isn't trying to hide that they're connected to the company To me this adds up to a benefit to the site and no downside, so it's ok. (And I got to use the nifty ask and answer check box!)


I think we should be encouraging vendors to participate on the site as much as possible. The major caveat is that it has to be an actual answer like you would expect from anyone else. For example it should not: Just tell them to contact support (unless maybe it gets to the point of being a bug, in which case they should include the resolution later) Be non-...


The best thing to do is flag and downvote. Flags don't generally get left hanging around for long and enough of either will cause the post to be hidden/deleted automagically. 6 Spam flags will cause automagic deletion.


Please flag such posts as spam, and downvote them if you wish to get them off the front page faster, but please do not edit them. (This is also the current advice given network-wide.) Here is why: First, six spam flags from the community is sufficient to delete a post. But for a community member to know that something is spam, they have to be able to see ...


The ServerFault FAQ states that answers from people affiliated with a product or service are allowed, but that the affiliation must be disclosed in the answer: May I promote products or websites I am affiliated with here? Be careful, because the community frowns on overt self-promotion and tends to vote it down and flag it as spam. Post good, ...


should I flag it for moderation attention? Yes. These are obvious cases of spam, and usually the moderators will find that these users: signed up with fake e-mail addresses don't even come from where they claim they are have several colleagues behind the same IP The sole purpose of these accounts is to promote their products without proper disclosure and ...


When in doubt, flag as "other" and add an explanation, especially in a case like that. When applicable, a link to another question with the same spammy pattern in the comments might be helpful as well as it will also notify non-mod users who can then start to close-vote.


The question is only about if IIS natively supports SFTP. Two answers clearly state this isn't the case, thus the question has been answered. Adding a third answer with just your list as an added bonus would be largely redundant in my view, but if you happen to come across a new or unanswered question like this, adding the link (with proper disclosure) ...


After applying minimal mod-hammer and locking only your answer, I had to lock the whole question since the spam edits started on another answer.


I've noticed these over the last month or so - I think (hope) it's just the spam tide coming in and they'll go back out the way they came soon. The short answer is "Yes, something automated can be done", but it requires a little extra work: If you see that these are from new accounts ping one of the mods and we can nuke the account. Statistics on spam nukes ...


Edit out whatever the spam links are and flag it as spam.


I always flag these for the moderators to deal with, using the other category and a message about it being possible spam, and why. After all, this is the type of things the moderators are there to use their judgement on, and why they get paid the big bucks.


I think there's a right way to answer a question like that Make sure you're representing yourself correctly - A lot of these spammers tend to use fake identities and countries to make themselves seem legit. And completely failing Make it clear how your product solves the problem precisely. If you're going to make a pitch make a pitch. A link only answer ...


Some general suggestions (then some comments on this specific case): Since the external site you're maintaining isn't commercial, it should be ok to post a link to it along with a note that you maintain the site and that it's not commercial. It is recommended (I'd say it's pretty much required) that you include an excerpt or summary here so that the ...


Use the "spam" flag when you're quite sure that neither the post nor the user account that posted it have any redeeming qualities whatsoever. The spam flag has side effects such as an automatic downvote, IP blacklisting, etc. So, while we do want to see spam flagged, please be reasonably sure that it is. If you aren't sure, then feel free to use the 'other' ...


Often the vendor knows answers that other people don't. Why would we want to exclude them from participating. Sure - the vendor might be trying to promote their product, perhaps by actively engaging with their community via Stack Exchange sites. But honestly, what's not to like?


This particular brand of spammers has been active here last year (flagged a few), we can be sure that they are promoting a kind of PST converter, and that they will return. The warm fuzzy feeling is that they are few (come on - how many other product campaigns have you seen on SF?).

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