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I'm against this primarily on the grounds that NE is 100% overlapping with SF. So there's absolutely no reason anyone should be migrating a Question there unless the OP requests that it be migrated.


This question seems to be largely a duplicate of: Will/Should Serverfault be dropping the "networking support" in the upcoming future? The takeaway from that earlier discussion is that the way NE is currently defined, it overlaps 100% with SF - any question that's on-topic there is also on-topic here. So it doesn't make sense to have an off-...


This can't happen until NE 'graduates'. Built in migration paths to Beta sites is something SE doesn't allow as a rule.


It doesn't look like the information about posts being migrated (PostHistory.PostHistoryType=17) is stored in the data dump. The best data we have is is in the migrations section of the 10k tools In the last 90 days SU 323 SO 77 U&L 44 DBA 33 Apple 32 Webmasters 27 AskUbuntu 20 Security 17 mSF 1 Others ...


To be honest I'm not sure what the point of NE is; network engineering is really a component of systems administration, and in smaller scenarios is even usually done by sysadmins. The skill set is the same and most people I know in my field have at least a CCNA if not a CCNP. Migrating questions unnecessarily simply annoys users and redirects efforts from ...


My apologies i misread one of the questions ... twice. They shouldn't have been merged.

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